Calendar Illustration

Client: RIDGID Tools // Adcom Communications
Creative Director: John Ferguson

I was asked to create an Illustration and hand-lettering for the 2017 RIDGID Tools annual calendar.
Project included front cover layout and design, inside spread and October spread.

Notable illustrators in the calendar include: Jon Contino, and Jeff Finley.

IMG_1406 copy.jpg
IMG_1403 copy.jpg
IMG_1400 copy.jpg
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Informational Illustrations, One-Page Ad & T-Shirt Designs

Creative Direction: John Ferguson

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4268-01-Electrical QCS Illustrations_5x5_1.jpg
4268-01-Electrical QCS Illustrations_5x5_2.jpg
4268-01-Electrical QCS Illustrations_5x5_3.jpg
4268-01-Electrical QCS Illustrations_5x5_4.jpg
T-Shirt MockUp4.jpg
T-Shirt MockUp3.jpg